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Dear fans,

Just a few words to say that DISPELLING THE VEIL OF ILLUSIONS is out now via Power Prog Records!!!

If you want to have a signed copy, check our merchandise and mail to! Or if you prefer, you can purchase a digital copy at nearly every digital store on the web! Thanks for your support!

The whole album is available on streaming on the label’s website here!

Have a great time and spread the word! The time for illusions is over!



4th Dimension
_ posted on March 21st, 2014
Dear all,

Heart of Winter, Winter’s Heart, this is a great day for us! After much longing we can finally share with all of you what has been kept concealed for months…

Today, at long last, we bestow to you the details of our new effort, starting with its title, DISPELLING THE VEIL OF ILLUSIONS, which is another pretty unusual thing for a metal album but at the same time says quite a lot about what has been going on with us during the last couple of years.

The album was produced by Tancredi Barbuscia & 4th Dimension, recorded at Greenriver Studio in Varese (IT) and we’re pretty sure you’re going to enjoy the freshness of its sound, which is a huge step forward with respect to our debut! 10 songs make up the album… here’s the final tracklist!

   1) Veil 3102
   2) A Circle in the Ice
   3) Kingdom of Thyne Illusions
   4) Quantum Leap
   5) ExtraWorld
   6) White Logic
   7) Memoirs of the Abyss
   8) The Watchtower (A Dream of Chivalry….)
   9) Dissonant Hearts
   10) Away

Oh yeah, I forgot… POWER PROG RECORDS will release the album on CD & digital download on March, 21st! The countdown has begun!!! Start spreading the word!!!

The cover artwork was made by one of the best artists out there, Italo-Chilean friend Claudio Bergamin, whom you may know already for his collaborations with Arjen Lucassen, Tierra Santa & Battle Beast. The work took months of hard work but in the end both Claudio’s vision and ours found expression on the extremely beautiful concept your eyes can admire…

Wait! Surprises are not over yet! Tired of so/too much talking? Then we have something for you! Today POWER PROG has released the first single from the DISPELLING THE VEIL OF ILLUSIONS, simply called KINGDOM OF THYNE ILLUSIONS! You can download a “special master” of the song FOR FREE at the following link (FREE MP3) and watch our brand new videoclip here (VIDEO)! The video was filmed by a young guy called Enrico Filippi ( and in my humble opinion he made an amazing job… Hope you’ll like it too!!!

What else… now that part of your curiosity has been satisfied we’re heading for March, when the full album will be made available! And then we shall see!!!!

Keep following us on facebook: www.facebook/4thdimensionmetal since all the main discussions happen there!

From the band HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


4th Dimension
_ posted on January 10th, 2014
Dear fans,

Right on time for Christmas, here’s a really long-awaited announcement...
FINALLY, after much searching, 4TH DIMENSION have reached a safe shore and signed a deal with German label POWER PROG RECORDS for the release and worldwide distribution of our second full-length. The album will be available next spring! Details will be revealed soon, so stay tuned!

Our best wishes to all of you!
4th Dimension
_ posted on December 15th, 2013
Hi everybody,

A long Winter’s gone by, Spring is blossoming in strength around us, so what better time than this to give you some 4th Dimension’s updates…

First of all, our new album is ready. At long last. Mixing took quite a long time but we’ve been listening to the final result for a good 2-month span yet and we’re quite happy with the work done, that much I can say. Now we’re really looking forward to having YOU FANS listen to it as well.

Which unfortunately brings up the question “When are you going to release this damn album?”… well, wish I knew… delays in the recordings dealt a blow to the idea of making the CD available before summer. To be realistic, I fear the album will not be available anytime soon but I still hope for an autumn-release. At the moment we are looking for a new label and finding the right one might take some time.

So be patient friends… hopefully you will not be disappointed in the end…

4th Dimension
_ posted on May 4th, 2013
Dear fans,

After a long silence, here is the longed-for update you all had been expecting on us! With pleasure I can finally tell you that 4TH DIMENSION have started recording the new album! Drums and bass have already been recorded and we plan to complete guitars, keyboards and vocals by mid-December . After that we will take the necessary time to arrange/record choirs and orchestral sections, thus to proceed with mixing and mastering at some point in January.

That said, we can assume that the follow-up to “The White Path to Rebirth” might be ready by February and then we will start looking for a label willing to release and promote it.
Therefore, even it’s obviously impossible to predict a precise release date, nonetheless it’s realistic to think that the album will be released somewhere in spring or summer.
Stay tuned, because we are going to reveal each and every album-detail very soon…

Meanwhile check out the new gallery "RECORDING SESSIONS 2012" [LINK], where we’re going to collect pictures from the studio as the recording sessions proceed…

It’s all for now…
4th Dimension
_ posted on November 13th, 2012
Hi folk,
I’m glad to inform you that 4th Dimension’s song “Sworn to the Flame” from “The White Path to Rebirth” has been included on the compilation given along with issue 51 (April 2012) of FIREWORKS, one of the biggest rock magazines in the United Kingdom. The magazine also features a little interview with 4th Dimension. Here’s the cover.

4th Dimension

_ posted on April 25th, 2012
Dear 4th Dimension fans,
it’s been a quite a while since we last published fresh news, so I believe the time is right for an update...
2011 has been a very important year for 4th Dimension: first, the European tour supporting Sonata Arctica & Labyrinth between February and March, of which we retain wonderful memories, then the release of our first album "The White Path to Rebirth", which has been considerably well received by critics and people and allowed us to spread our name and make ourselves known here and there, everywhere. One year, to sum it up, unique in many ways.
What you have the right to expect for 2012 is easily said. The band is currently working hard on new songs, the songwriting is proceeding according to our times (which means no hurry) and the songs that are slowly taking shape tend to reflect the maturation the band has undergone during the last two years. We are really excited about that. However, at the moment it’s quite premature to give you a deadline for the release of the new album, but there will be updates in the next months.

With another winter at the door, our web site also has undergone an interesting and necessary restyling. The main improvement concerns the finally available MEDIA section where we have collected Photos from recent tour, the best Live Videos shot by fans and, last but not least, links to all the major album reviews and the promotional interviews released. Some of these are in English so check them out!

We also improved the site menu, adding buttons to access directly to our Myspace, Facebook, Youtube and Lastfm pages.

Last but not least, we set up a poll to find out what song from "The White Path to Rebirth" you like best. Vote, vote, vote ... we are definitely curious to know your preferences, so much so as to play live the songs you prefer on our forthcoming shows!

That's all for now ...

To all of you our best wishes for a happy Christmas and a thrilling 2012!

4th Dimension
_ posted on December 21th, 2011

( Compilation - 2011 )

1) Opiate - Down with the Ship
2) Death of Art - Anti-Valentine
3) Logical Terror - Gender 3000
4) Why Out - Jesus 2.0
5) Lancer - Don't Go Changin'
6) Darkest Mile - I'm Still Alive
7) Cranian - Life
8) 4th Dimension - Sworn to the Flame
9) The Lightbringer - The Septent. Tower
10) BanDemoniC - The Seeker
11) Prime Target - Liar
12) Bow Messiah - Deceived
13) Ravenouse - Vampiria
14) Cannibal Feast - Beneath a Black Sky
15) Disaster's Edge - Cold Black Night
16) Mr. Phantom - The Master of Asia
17) Mankind Has Fallen - Killin' Myself

_ posted on September 28th, 2011
NEW WEBSITE! Version: 1.0 Beta!
For the European tour was made the official website of the band by Ramponi Alan, staged by various sections such as: news, biography, discography, gallery, shows, merchandise, links and contacts. The current version (v. 1.0) is considered an early version, because it will be many changes next month as dynamic content in PHP language, automatic insertion of news in both Italian and English and more. Is currently available only the English version of the site because it needs for the European tour.
Stay tuned!
_ posted on February 16th, 2011
4th Dimension, departing on February 23rd for the European tour with SONATA ARCTICA and LABYRINTH, presenting a preview of their album THE WHITE PATH TO REBIRTH... The CD is now available exclusively for that evening, before the official release set in April. There are also the official 4TH DIMENSION's T-Shirt, models for both men (all sizes) and women (size S-M). The band will be openened the show will be HEAVY ENGINE with a repertory of IRON MAIDEN's songs including their first three original songs! We are waiting you!
_ posted on February 1st, 2011
THE WHITE PATH TO REBIRTH: Cover artwork revealed!
Hi everyone! In "Discography" section you can admire the beautiful artwork created by Alexandra Bach for the cover of "The White Path to Rebirth", our first album out in next April!
_ posted on January 27th, 2011
Great news! 4TH DIMENSION were confirmed as opening act for the first ELEVEN dates of the forthcoming SONATA ARCTICA'S THE GRAYS DAYS OF TOUR 2011! The main support band will be LABYRINTH! The upcoming european shows are indicated on the right side of this page! This is a unique opportunity to make ourselves known in Europe, showcasing the songs from our first album THE WHITE PATH TO REBIRTH, will soon release.
We hope to see you in Milan!
_ posted on January 20th, 2011
THE WHITE PATH TO REBIRTH: Official album tracklist!
Hello everyone! With great satisfaction (and relief!), I will finally announce that the first album of the 4th Dimension, "The White Path to Rebirth", was completed. The mastering took place at New Sin Studios in Loria (TV) by Luigi Stefanini. The finally tracklist of the new CD can be found in the "Discography" section of this website.
We are currently working on the cover of the album and I should soon be able to post interesting news. The band is also looking for a label willing to release the album in a timely manner and promote the band.
Stay true.
_ posted on November 22nd, 2010
Hello everyone! Winter is coming and it finally came time to reveal the second guest in our debut album "The White Path to Rebirth" ... This is one of the greatest italian and international metal singers, a unique and unmistakable voice, the kind that leave a mark ... I'm talking about Fabio Lione, singer of the RHAPSODY OF FIRE and VISION DIVINE!
Fabio will appear on "A New Dimension" in a fiery duet with myself. The song is very fast and epic and the intervention of Lione helped it become a real hit. The recordings were made at Livorno at the Want to Rock Studio in July.
But there's more ... Our producer, Alessio Lucatti (keyboardist of VISION DIVINE and ETHERNA), who also wanted to make his mark on the album, embellishing the song "GOLDENEYES" with a keyboard solo by staff and quality workmanship. If we add to the already announced the presence of Melody Castellari, guest singer on "Everlasting, " I'd say there are good prospects for you to be the least willing to listen to our work.
_ posted on November 19th, 2010
Which is your favourite song from "The White Path to Rebirth"?
The sun in my life
Consigned to the wind
Sworn to the flame
A new dimension
Winter's gone
Labyrinth of glass
Angel's call

Total votes: 448!
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Date: Feb 19th, 2011
Place: Asiago - VI [ITALY]
           @Khellar (Casa Rossa) note: Album Release Party
Date: Feb 24th, 2011
Place: Bratislava [SLOVAKIA]
           @Majestic Music Club
with Sonata Arctica & Labyrinth
Date: Feb 25th, 2011
Place: Budapest [HUNGARY]
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with Sonata Arctica & Labyrinth
Date: Feb 26th, 2011
Place: Ljubljana [SLOVENIA]
with Sonata Arctica & Labyrinth
Date: Feb 27th, 2011
Place: Milan [ITALY]
with Sonata Arctica & Labyrinth
Date: Mar 1st, 2011
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with Sonata Arctica & Labyrinth
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Place: Vienna [AUSTRIA]
with Sonata Arctica & Labyrinth
Date: Mar 4th, 2011
Place: Memmingen [GERMANY]
with Sonata Arctica & Labyrinth
Date: Mar 5th, 2011
Place: Erfurt [GERMANY]
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Date: Mar 6th, 2011
Place: Antwerp [BELGIUM]
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with Sonata Arctica & Labyrinth
Date: Mar 7th, 2011
Place: Saarbrücken [GERMANY]
with Sonata Arctica & Labyrinth
Date: Mar 8th, 2011
Place: Pratteln [SWITZERLAND]
with Sonata Arctica & Labyrinth
Date: Jan 20th, 2012
Place: Asiago - VI [ITALY]
           @Teatro Millepini
Date: Mar 24th, 2012
Place: Montagnana - PD [ITALY]
           @Metal Wall Festival
with White Skull & Derdian
Date: Apr 30th, 2013
Place: Grantorto - PD [ITALY]
           @Wanted Rock Bar
Date: Jun 30th, 2013
Place: Gallio - VI [ITALY]
           @Sun Valley Metal Fest
with Elvenking

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